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“Trust Your Eyes” – Strange Horizons

“A Precise Calculation” – Twisted Moon (Wayback Machine link)

“Unpacking” – Liminality (Autumn 2018)

“Urban Bloods: an introduction” – Zetetic Record

“rebel In dirt” – The Tulsa Voice

“Armament” – Liminality

“Poaching Country”* – Asimov’s (September/October 2017)

“Recursive” – Sunvault

“Living-Long House” – Through The Gate (May 2017)

“Scripts Simulacrum” – Riddled with Arrows (March 2017)

“October Wildflower” *– Liminality (March 2017)

“Off the Mother Road”* – Dreams & Nightmares (January 2016)

“Curio Collector”* in Kaleidotrope (Summer 2015)

“Hiding Mirrors” – Grievous Angel (June 2015)

“Peach Baby” – Apex (June 2015)

“An Herbwife Lives by The Dragons’ Eyrie” – Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things, Volume 1 Issue 2

“A Witch in Her Own Hometown” – Grievous Angel (May 2015)

“The Leaf Burning” – Polu Texni

“In Harmony with Ghosts” and “One Morning” in Strong Verse

“Things you would pack when taken hostage.” – Through The Gate – Issue 1

“Avoiding the Issue” – inkscrawl, Issue 4

“Advent of An Apocalypse” – Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Issue 13

“Kami” – Strong Verse

“I Am The Dead Twin” in Bete Noire – Issue 7, April 2012

“Burying the Ploughshare” – Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Issue 12

“Emerge Ravenous” – Polu Texni

“Returnee” – Shelter of Daylight, Fall 2011

“Admittance” – MindFlights, Fall 2011 (Wayback Machine link)

“My Skull, The Garage” – Chizine, March 2011 (posted here via Wayback Machine)

“What the Gargoyle Does Not Speak, But Dreams” – Chiaroscuro (Chizine), October-December 2010

“Flax” in Aoife’s Kiss, February 2010


“Color Contacts” in Cast of Wonders


You Can’t Go Home Again – Denizen

Stories in Yarn for Polu Texni