Theoretical Futures: Sirens Conference and Forthcoming Poetry

It’s almost impossible to look as far into the future as October with any certainty, in this July of 2020.

But I am excited to look forward to theoretically presenting at the Sirens Conference, leading a workshop on speculative poetry!

Verse Versus Reality @ Sirens Conference

“Poetry may be the earliest storytelling form, but much like stories with gods and monsters, these days it is often seen as niche, not of general interest. And poetry that envisions alternative realities? Weirder than weird. But perhaps…not difficult. In this workshop, read some example poetry by fellow Sirens and similar poets, use prompts to create your own transgressive poetry, and form an affirmative writing group to share your work if you choose.”

I’ve been hoping to do something similar with the lovely Sirens community for some time but last year I chose not to attend since I was going to be transitioning to a new school, job location, and home. If Sirens happens in person I’ll be braving my first long-distance trip in mass transit to Denver–if not, I hope to still share this workshop on how to write poems that speak from reality by bending it.

I’ve always loved narrative poetry, and am currently working on a manuscript of poems that have a continuity, if not a strict storyline.

In the fall I’m also looking forward to publishing my first poem with Strange Horizons! “Trust Your Eyes” was the only speculative poem I wrote in a poetry class where we explored form–it is (mostly) a blank verse poem. It’s also influence by cowboy poetry, and about the not-quite-knowing of big open spaces.

I guess that’s fitting.

on the fun blog: A Werewolf Boy

I stay in touch with my inner Asian teen (no seriously; I was a teen in Asia) way more than I stay in touch with American media. Outside of the world of the Avengers, that is.

Not everything I have in my diet is worth trying to lure in new recruits, but sometimes I come across something that seems like it would translate well to my SF/F friends, if only I could lure them over the language barrier…

The Werewolf Boy is a movie I feel this way about.

Follow for a write-up on the paranormal through a Korean cinematic lens!

A Werewolf Boy – Korean Rural Gothic

The movie is available to watch with subtitles on SoompiTV


For the year 2013, I have a blog project started–

the posting of my teen journals of moving to Japan, and the following adventures or misadventures.

Of course, 13 y.o. me was hilariously precocious and serious about writing, BUT there is some editing and expansion to be done. So I’m writing a simultaneous commentary, from me, at 26.

Should be full of LoLs, or at least, a lot of pathos. (and bathos. I WAS a teenager.)

Nikki and the B-Sides

Paradise Lost II

Spent a lovely weekend in San Antonio, down on the Riverwalk!

The retreat “Paradise Lost” is focused on being a follow-up, created by Viable Paradise Workshop alumni, with similar critique sessions with peers and industry professionals.

This year (my first) I got to spend time with Jay Lake (Green) and John Joseph Adams (Lightspeed editor), with Steven Brust as guest lecturer.

Also, though, I got to meet some other neopro writers, like Seamus Bayne, TOC comrade from the latest issue of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, who created the event. Twitter crushes have been developed.

Just getting to soak up the little pieces that make a city uniquely it’s own would have been fantastic, worth my investment, but I also came back with new vision for writing, for myself AS a writer. And that’s worth my weight in gold. That’s no pittance, either, especially not after all that fantastic San Antone food.

It’s so nice to announce that poems I have wanted to show people are going to be available!

First, in the upcoming issue of Bete Noire, my poem “I Am The Dead Twin” will be appearing. It is about as cheerful as it sounds, but I still really like it.

I also have sold a poem to inkscrawl. I don’t know when it will be appearing yet, but the current issue is amazing– “Zipcar in Heaven” “Sarcophagus” are the two I’ve really adored, but I have been savoring the magazine, and reading it slowly.

I also have acquired a day-job, which was much needed. I’m hoping to get good material while waiting tables, in a neat little Tea Room in the only real extant mansion of Claremore history.