GUYLINER FOR MILES – a bored writer’s intro to k-pop

Okay. It has been brought to my attention that all my ill-gotten K-Pop knowledge might be turned for good, into a gift for the nations. That is, I could compose a list of jams and MVs to brighten some non-initiate’s day.

Ask, and receive!  I have organized them loosely into attributes, if not moods. This is a sampling drawn from the things I like, obviously, but some were chosen for being classic k-pop, some were chosen because I am biased, and some are just perfect for the list.


[ETA: I found reason to create playlists right on YouTube. While labelling them here was fun, ultimately, I went with mood for the playlists, rather than wit. BEHOLD:

BOUNCY – A K-Pop Mood Playlist

GLIDEY – K-Pop Mood Playlist

EPIC-Y – K-Pop Mood Playlist]

But I will not be removing this adorable post of k-pop by theme:

Masters of Synchronized Dance!

SHINee – SHERLOCK: Clue + Note

INFINITE – The Chaser

EXO – Growl

Super Junior – SORRY SORRY

B.A.P – Warrior

Girls Generation – Run Devil Run


Paranormal Decadance

TVXQ – Mirotic

SHINee – Lucifer

BIGBANG – Monster




BEAST – Fiction

2NE1 – Come Back Home

Sunmi – Full Moon

VIXX – hyde


Threat Level: CUTEST

Girls Generation – Gee

Teen Top – Miss Right

Teen Top – No More Perfume

Orange Caramel – Catallena

Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar

Girl’s Day – Oh! My God

B1A4 – Beautiful Target

Wonder Boyz – Tarzan


Fashion is the Enemy

G-DRAGON – Heartbreaker

2NE1 – Follow Me

Kan Mi-Young – Paparazzi

SPICA – Painkiller

 T-ara – Lovey-Dovey (Zombie ver.)


Bizarre Done Better

Wings – Hair Short

Lee Hi – Rose

BIGBANG – Fantastic Baby

Block B – Nallili Mambo

Sunny Hill – The Grasshopper Song

G-Dragon – Coup D’Etat