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Spring 2017 Brings Wildflowers and Paper Charms

On March 21st, two magazines launched issues with my poetry in them!

Liminality’s 11th issue included “October Wildflower” in it’s always gorgeous collection of poetry. Their next issue will also include a poem of mine, titled “Armament”. Look forward to that this summer!

And Riddled With Arrows, a magazine of meta-fiction and poetry, launched its first issue with my poem “Scripts Simulacrum“.

~ a little about the poems ~

October Wildflower, like the other Oklahoma shapeshifter poems that seem to have thorned their way into my brain, is inspired incredibly closely by the landscape around my home. The foggy glory of Oklahoma’s mild autumn unfolded this poem for me–and really, the story bits were easy. Here’s an cameraphone snap of my walk that day:


I’m really glad that Riddled With Arrows opened–and as the various sales from my writing forum friends attests, so were many writers! We all love meta–stories that tongue-in-cheek reference their own tropes, or beautiful descriptions of writing itself.

I’ve written several iterations of this kind of poem, and I’m really pleased that the one about a slightly obsessed fan, turning their (literary) hero’s words into a collection of power, was chosen.

And I’m inspired to take a stab at some new material…

~ coming next ~

My poem in Sunvault: anthology of solarpunk & ecospeculation, should be out late this summer! Pre-orders will be available soon.

Again, the summer issue of Liminality will include another poem of mine. I have a few more things forthcoming, but without concrete release dates. Excited, though!

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