I discovered fantasy poetry by stumbling across submissions guidelines asking for it, but writing it has become a passion.

A lot more of it has been inspired by my own country life in Oklahoma than the fantasy moniker might suggest.

Most of my poems are available online, though some were print-only, as the unlinked title suggests.



“Urban Bloods: an introduction” – Zetetic Record

“Unpacking” – Liminality

“A Precise Calculation” – Twisted Moon

“Night Swimming” – Grievous Angel

“rebel In dirt” – The Tulsa Voice

Published Poetry


“Poaching Country” – Asimov’s (September/October 2017)

“Recursive” – Sunvault

“Living-Long House” Through The Gate (May 2017)

“Scripts Simulacrum” – Riddled with Arrows (March 2017)

“October Wildflower” – Liminality (March 2017)

“Off the Mother Road” – Dreams & Nightmares (January 2016)

“Curio Collector” in Kaleidotrope (Summer 2015)

“Hiding Mirrors” in Grievous Angel (June 2015)

“Peach Baby”Apex (June 2015)

“An Herbwife Lives by The Dragons’ Eyrie”, Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things, Volume 1 Issue 2

A Witch in Her Own Hometown” in Grievous Angel (May 2015)

“The Leaf Burning” in Polu Texni

“In Harmony with Ghosts” and “One Morning” in Strong Verse

“Things you would pack when taken hostage.” in Through The Gate – Issue 1

“Avoiding the Issue” in inkscrawl – Issue 4

“Advent of An Apocalypse” in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly – Issue 13

“Kami” in Strong Verse

“I Am The Dead Twin” in Bete Noire, Issue 7 – April 2012

Burying the Ploughshare” in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly – Issue 12

Emerge Ravenous” in Polu Texni

“Returnee” in Shelter of Daylight, Fall 2011

Admittance” in MindFlights, Fall 2011

“My Skull, The Garage” in Chizine, March 2011 (posted here)

“What the Gargoyle Does Not Speak, But Dreams” in Chiaroscuro (Chizine), October-December 2010

“Flax” in Aoife’s Kiss, February 2010



Flash Fiction: “Color Contacts” in Cast of Wonders


You Can’t Go Home Again for Denizen

Stories in Yarn for Polu Texni