my skull, the garage

I am thinking about how to add some glitz here, and decided maybe I could post some poems that have been published but are no longer under contract, for those who wish to read but didn’t get the issues of whatever magazine it is they went out in.

To start, here’s a humorous sketch that went up in Chizine’s Mega-Issue in March 2011

My Skull, The Garage

It may really work by lightning
But today I feel the cogs grinding
The rust-spotty gears go round,
My mind revolving with a groaning sound.

A kids' push-and-jump-on
Rickety, heavy merry-go-round
Losing momentum
Dropping off before I reach home.

It's dark and murky with oil,
Loose wires ramble and coil
There's a short waiting to happen
And the bulb's flickering out again.

Cut the whir and dull roar,
Clear the air, open the door
Let the sunshine inside
My almost-functional steam-engine mind.