rural rebellion and urban punkcreatures

Two new poems of mine came out earlier this year and are available to read!

rebel in dirt” is not speculative, but local. It appeared in the Tulsa Voice, as one of the first poems featured there. It’s a weird little personal poem about personhood and gardening, which is fitting since gardening is something I’ve come to love since living in this area.

Urban Bloods: an introduction”┬áZitetic Record published this faux-academic piece describing a group who seem to appear in the urban landscape fully formed as punks…. There is a second poem about these folks under my hat, and it may just be my next series to play with…

I have poems forthcoming now from Speculative Masculinities (which will make my 6th Oklahoma Shapeshifter poem in the wild), Twisted Moon, Liminality and Grievous Angel. Really excited to eventually share those with the world.