recursive scrap, armament for night terrors, and more

I am really excited to have a poem in the freshly emerged Liminality Winter Issue!

“Armament” is about a literal moment of stepping over the threshold, very fittingly liminal. While I only occasionally wonder about things going bump in the night it’s an oddly real poem emotionally.

Liminality just acquired a poem titled “Unpacking” before this issue went up, so I will be part of a future issue as well!

Another rooted-in-real-life-emotion poem came out in Asimov’s this summer, called “Poaching Country”. It was showcased online while the issue was current, which was thrilling, but is currently available in paper form only. I’m not a deer shapeshifter, but there has been some poaching carnage in my neighborhood that gave me the creeps.

Sunvault came out this summer in beautiful form, with my poem “recursive” in it. It’s such an inspiring point of view to look at–what advances in clean energy may yet come, and how humanity will go on despite changes in the environment. It’s the kind of speculative fiction I get excited about.

Lastly, my poem “Living-Long House” went up on Through The Gate before the magazine went on hiatus. It’s been five years since “Things you would pack” appeared in the first issue of Through the Gate. Living-Long House was a bit of an experiment in writing very dense, descriptive poetry, so it’s amazing to have it published the first magazine I offered it to.

All in all, a good year in poetry!