It’s so nice to announce that poems I have wanted to show people are going to be available!

First, in the upcoming issue of Bete Noire, my poem “I Am The Dead Twin” will be appearing. It is about as cheerful as it sounds, but I still really like it.

I also have sold a poem to inkscrawl. I don’t know when it will be appearing yet, but the current issue is amazing– “Zipcar in Heaven” “Sarcophagus” are the two I’ve really adored, but I have been savoring the magazine, and reading it slowly.

I also have acquired a day-job, which was much needed. I’m hoping to get good material while waiting tables, in a neat little Tea Room in the only real extant mansion of Claremore history.

my skull, the garage

I am thinking about how to add some glitz here, and decided maybe I could post some poems that have been published but are no longer under contract, for those who wish to read but didn’t get the issues of whatever magazine it is they went out in.

To start, here’s a humorous sketch that went up in Chizine’s Mega-Issue in March 2011

My Skull, The Garage

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