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Two new poems of mine came out earlier this year and are available to read!

rebel in dirt” is not speculative, but local. It appeared in the Tulsa Voice, as one of the first poems featured there. It’s a weird little personal poem about personhood and gardening, which is fitting since gardening is something I’ve come to love since living in this area.

Urban Bloods: an introduction”┬áZitetic Record published this faux-academic piece describing a group who seem to appear in the urban landscape fully formed as punks…. There is a second poem about these folks under my hat, and it may just be my next series to play with…

I have poems forthcoming now from Speculative Masculinities (which will make my 6th Oklahoma Shapeshifter poem in the wild), Twisted Moon, Liminality and Grievous Angel. Really excited to eventually share those with the world.

recursive scrap, armament for night terrors, and more

I am really excited to have a poem in the freshly emerged Liminality Winter Issue!

“Armament” is about a literal moment of stepping over the threshold, very fittingly liminal. While I only occasionally wonder about things going bump in the night it’s an oddly real poem emotionally.

Liminality just acquired a poem titled “Unpacking” before this issue went up, so I will be part of a future issue as well!

Another rooted-in-real-life-emotion poem came out in Asimov’s this summer, called “Poaching Country”. It was showcased online while the issue was current, which was thrilling, but is currently available in paper form only. I’m not a deer shapeshifter, but there has been some poaching carnage in my neighborhood that gave me the creeps.

Sunvault came out this summer in beautiful form, with my poem “recursive” in it. It’s such an inspiring point of view to look at–what advances in clean energy may yet come, and how humanity will go on despite changes in the environment. It’s the kind of speculative fiction I get excited about.

Lastly, my poem “Living-Long House” went up on Through The Gate before the magazine went on hiatus. It’s been five years since “Things you would pack” appeared in the first issue of Through the Gate. Living-Long House was a bit of an experiment in writing very dense, descriptive poetry, so it’s amazing to have it published the first magazine I offered it to.

All in all, a good year in poetry!

Spring 2017 Brings Wildflowers and Paper Charms

On March 21st, two magazines launched issues with my poetry in them!

Liminality’s 11th issue included “October Wildflower” in it’s always gorgeous collection of poetry. Their next issue will also include a poem of mine, titled “Armament”. Look forward to that this summer!

And Riddled With Arrows, a magazine of meta-fiction and poetry, launched its first issue with my poem “Scripts Simulacrum“.

~ a little about the poems ~

October Wildflower, like the other Oklahoma shapeshifter poems that seem to have thorned their way into my brain, is inspired incredibly closely by the landscape around my home. The foggy glory of Oklahoma’s mild autumn unfolded this poem for me–and really, the story bits were easy. Here’s an cameraphone snap of my walk that day:


I’m really glad that Riddled With Arrows opened–and as the various sales from my writing forum friends attests, so were many writers! We all love meta–stories that tongue-in-cheek reference their own tropes, or beautiful descriptions of writing itself.

I’ve written several iterations of this kind of poem, and I’m really pleased that the one about a slightly obsessed fan, turning their (literary) hero’s words into a collection of power, was chosen.

And I’m inspired to take a stab at some new material…

~ coming next ~

My poem in Sunvault: anthology of solarpunk & ecospeculation, should be out late this summer! Pre-orders will be available soon.

Again, the summer issue of Liminality will include another poem of mine. I have a few more things forthcoming, but without concrete release dates. Excited, though!

Tumblr is an odd blogging format–geared more toward resharing photos and humorous posts than creating your own content. But I’ve taken to it–it’s the scene for young adults, of whom I am fond and also consider my audience.

I started to move my suit-style blog onto a more visible blog from WordPress (no offense to WP; I just don’t have a platform of my own yet and Tumblr’s tag-surfing is active) and since I found a wealth of K-Pop fans to interact with I’ve moved my main energies to my Tumblr blogs.

One thing I was surprised to find got some response was posts of my poetry. I’ve been meaning for a while to include my website here in the loop, when I decide to release a poem for free, instead of continuing to send it around to magazines.

Launching from “mean to” into practice starting… now!

After I Stopped Wearing Red

I made this path myself,
trek after trek.
It winds around the wildflowers,
so each spring it’s different.

The shadows here are deeper than before.

I’ve been on this path all my life,
it seems,
I can’t remember not walking it.
It lies between two halves of my heart,
beautiful with broad-leaved trees.

The shadows here move more often than before.

It is all the same,
even my shoes on it.
I recognize the dust that lies on them
but can’t believe it;
us back on this ground like it’s nothing.

The shadows haven’t had a smell, a name before.

But grandmother is well
and mother is well,
and the hunter is well and I, too,
will be well.

These shadows have been slain before.


article for Denizen Magazine – for Third Culture Kid

I pitched an idea for an essay to this lovely webzine, publishing articles on being a child of different cultures, and worked with the editor to put together a personal account of how grief comes into returning “home” sometimes.

Writing something so personal for publication was a new experience, as was publishing non-fiction at all. I am proud of it, and of being part of this cool magazine.

“You Can’t Go Home Again”

We left Yonezawa before 6 a.m., in January. My too-big-for-Japan family clambered into a van with half our belongings crammed into suitcases around us.

We were moving back to the States, and my heart was breaking.

…read the rest here

In Harmony With Ghosts

New poem out!

Or rather, it was new when it was published some time ago. I updated my bibiography but didn’t make a post.

In Harmony With Ghosts

Like “Kami“, this poem is directly written from experience of temples in Japan when I was living there as a teen. I think it’s great that Strong Verse has published both my semi-paranormal travel poems. It’s technically not a spec verse magazine, but I’ve kinda warped it my way a little…

SFPA poetry contest

My poem “An Herbwife Lives by the Dragons’ Eyrie” was a finalist, but ultimately didn’t place in the SFPA contest. It was fun to enter something like this, and actually place, though! It has a different sort of feeling from getting personalized rejections from markets…

Looking at the lovely poetry that did place, I can see why mine may have been a choice for one of the initial readers and not the judge–the collection of winning poetry has a definite weird sci-fi beauty, a consciousness of the universe.

Go see them!

2012 Science Fiction Poetry Association Contest Winners