Things you would pack when taken a hostage.

Through the Gate‘s first issue has been posted, and it is lovely, lovely!

I am so pleased to have a poem in it.

Things you would pack is one I’ve really liked in that particular shy, fierce way since I wrote it. I feel odd about the recording I made of it (it seems a little dry and commonplace) but how else to read a poem that is meant to be commonplace?

Give it a look, or a listen!

Kami – Strong Verse

After posting about the poems I’m expecting to come out, the first is actually one I didn’t know when it would appear!

“Kami” is featured on Strong Verse right now.

This poem isn’t speculative–except in allusion.

I wrote this based on a real place I would pass when cutting through the shrine close to my school, a pleasant park-like space in the middle of our city.

I can’t tell you whether this is the little shrine I am remembering (the descriptions are in Chinese, though I can tell that at least it’s in the town I am speaking of) but this image is close enough.

Most shrines (especially those not close to cemeteries) were pleasant places, without much spiritual feeling to their grounds. This one small off-set shrine just had a different ambiance.

Future Appearances Round-Up

A couple of magazines have finalized issues and told me when the piece they bought is coming out, so I’m doing a bit of a Coming Soon feature, today!

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly took my poem “Advent of an Apocalypse” for their July issue, so it should be up the first of the month! This is a more formal poem in style and subject, but hopefully it’ll be a nice companion to their other poem and stories.

inkscrawl has also filled their issue and will be putting it up in July! I’m so excited to see the other poems, since this poetry magazine has a neat sensibility I really enjoy. And since they took my kappa-included “Avoiding the Issue”, I’m even more intrigued what the

Through The Gate also let me know they hope to be putting up the first issue in August, though it’s not a done deal. I’m almost as excited to see this new magazine as I am to see the latest issue from inkscrawl, intrigued by their choice of “Things you would pack when taken hostage.” and curious what other pieces it will be mixing with.


Trying New Thangs.

I sent a poem off to a fledgling market (one first) because I sold a poem to a different magazine started by the same editor, and thought “You know, it would be cool to be in the first issue of something!”

Through The Gate hopes to launch in August, and when it does, will be publishing my poem “Things you would pack when taken hostage.”

Which is cool and fabulous. The new thing most interesting, though, was actually step two–editor Mitchell Hart asked if I could do a recording of the poem.

I’ve recorded lots of music, vocal tracks, so I know how I want to approach things, but I haven’t practiced doing readings.

How does one read free verse? Especially when it’s a pragmatic, unflowery poem… I’m hoping it sounds fun!